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Testimonials & Success Stories

With something as personal and intimate as therapy, you want to be sure that a therapist is the right fit before taking your next steps. These DBT success stories come directly from previous clients, showing the impact that DBT therapy has made in their lives. Read through these DBT therapy reviews to get an idea if treatment at Suffolk DBT could be the right fit for you, too.

Testimonial (Parent): Adolescent / Child Therapy

“My daughter attends Suffolk DBT and is seen by Jeanette Lorandini. Right from the start, Jeanette made my daughter aware of being “mindful” by recognizing when she is in emotional mind, rational mind and wise mind. This was a huge breakthrough for her because she recognized how in control she could become of her emotions by recognizing when she is in a particular mindset and how to make adjustments accordingly as to not let her emotions take over.

Through this lens of being mindful, Jeanette was able to help my daughter become more aware of her decision-making skills and her behaviors. My daughter often says she feels as if she is using different parts of her brain she never used before. She says how Jeanette “gets and it feels that Jeanette doesn’t judge her but helps her better manage herself, her emotions and her decisions by using the tools highlighted in the DBT skills book to fully acknowledge her actions and hold herself accountable. The book serves as a very useful resource to refer to in and out of therapy sessions.”

Testimonial: Adult Therapy

“Eight and a half years ago Jeanette Lorandini came into my life and saved me. I was a mess to say the least. I was scared, depressed, and spiraling over and over into a deep dark hole. Jeanette taught me about DBT; the skills I needed to survive and start over. She taught me about mindfulness, which I use EVERY day. Being an extremely emotional person is never easy, but she actually makes it easier. Jeanette gets me; she understands my mental illness like no other therapist before her could. She understands “my moods” as my family and friends call it. Jeanette understands why I get depressed or “too emotional” and helps me to work through it. She doesn’t judge me and has taught me to be non-judgmental in return.

Because of Jeanette and DBT, I am able to better control my emotions and my reactions. I know when I am in emotion mind and to not make rash decisions. I am able to prevent the spirals and manage my depressive episodes. I know that when I am having a moment to walk away and use skills, or if that moment continues, that I have a therapist who will help me through; that as bad as it gets, it can ALWAYS get better. Thanks to Jeanette and DBT, I now have the skills to deal with my crazy, sometimes upside down life. Even after eight and a half years, I still go to DBT… I will probably never leave! Jeanette and Denise are truly amazing and I can honestly say that I do not know what I would do without them. I look forward to going to my sessions and always look to learn more from Jeanette on ways to cope with my mental illness.”

Testimonial: Adult / Former Adolescent Therapy

“Thank you, Jeanette, from the bottom of our hearts for providing such excellent care during the worst time in our lives so far. While we both know we put in a lot of work to get where we are today, we definitely would not have gotten to such a happy place without your help. DBT changed both of our lives for the better, and we are forever grateful for you and what we learned.”

Testimonial (Parent): Adolescent / Adult Therapy

“My 18 year old daughter suffers from severe anxiety & depression. After taking her to 4-5 therapists (non-DBT) we found that she was not getting the help she needed. I enrolled her into the Suffolk DBT program, which we understood could take 6-12 months to see results. The methods used in this program are contrastingly different than those we had already been exposed to. This is not a program without work on the part of the patient.

My daughter recently graduated from the program and still applies the techniques she has learned. She has shown an ability to cope with difficult situations while maintaining a busy work & school schedule. I would recommend Suffolk DBT as the only solution for learning the skills to cope with anxiety & depression.”

Testimonial (Parent): Adolescent Therapy

“Words cannot express how grateful I am for Suffolk DBT. Jeannette came into our lives when we had no one else to turn to. I saw the mental health system fail my daughter repeatedly. After our 1st meeting with Jeanette, we knew we finally found someone who could help our daughter. Throughout this past year, she has learned the skills needed to have a healthy and empowered life. It wasn’t always easy for her. Jeanette continually challenged her. She taught her how to deal with her emotions. She taught her the skills to guide herself through anxiety. Most importantly she taught my daughter how to love herself, and for this I am forever grateful.”

Testimonial: Adult Therapy

“Suffolk DBT has helped my life in ways I never thought possible. I started coming here at 15 years old, I was extremely unstable and destructive. I had been to many therapists and didn’t believe therapy could be helpful. Jeanette Lorandini has changed that belief for me. The skills I have learned here have improved every aspect of my life, I no longer take part in destructive behaviors, my relationships are healthy, and I’m genuinely happy with my life. I have the skills and support I need to cope, and I am able to handle and understand my own emotions, as well as those of others. It takes some time and effort, but this program has genuinely saved my life. “

Testimonial (Parent): Adolescent Therapy

My daughter has social anxiety. She has been working with Jeanette for 11 weeks. In that time, my daughter has grown so much. Jeanette works with her one on one. She is nurturing, trusting, understanding, knowledgeable, and professional. She explains things very well. She helps her express herself, teaches her coping mechanisms, and helps her communicate with her Dad and myself. She has made my daughter feel confident, and comfortable enough to attend group therapy and even speak up in group therapy. I am proud of my daughter and grateful for Jeanette. She is a blessing in our lives.

Testimonial: Adult / Former Adolescent Therapy

High school students with mental illnesses often find themselves going down the wrong path. That’s where I was three years ago. Little progress had been made in therapy, which left me feeling stuck. I didn’t know how to make the changes I wanted to see in myself. Upon entering Suffolk DBT, I finally started moving in the right direction. Jeanette Lorandini taught me how to use skills and assisted me in implementing them in my life. Every challenge I face feels less intimidating now that I am equipped to handle it. DBT helps me manage my emotions on a daily basis, as well as accomplish long-term goals. I can proudly say that I have achieved my goals of becoming a full-time college student with a strong support system, living a balanced and substance-free life. It was no walk in the park, but Jeanette aided me in attaining the patience and persistence I needed to do it. I continue to work with Jeanette to maintain the happiness, positivity and resilience that DBT has helped me discover.

Testimonial: Adult / Former Adolescent Therapy

When I started DBT I was really skeptical and resistant to change. After meeting Jeanette for the first time she was easy to talk to and open up to. With lots of validation and coaching, I began to master each skill, DBT added color to my black and white thinking world. Without Jeanette and her successful program, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Suffolk DBT proudly provides quality dialectical behavior therapy, a form of cognitive behavioral therapy, at their offices in Manhattan and Long Island, New York and online. Their experienced NYC therapists specialize in therapy for teens, children, adults, and college students struggling with depression, borderline personality disorder, eating disorders, and self-harm. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills and treatment can help you or your kids to manage emotions and work through life’s challenges.