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Do you feel your emotions intensely and does it feel like it takes a long time for you to get over things? Are your relationships suffering? Do you act impulsively and feel like things are often out of control? Do you feel like people don’t “get” you or they misunderstand you?

We are here to help. schedule a free 15 minute call with a licensed mental health specialist.

Suffolk DBT Is A Northwell Direct Health In-Network Mental Health Provider

Mental health and addictive disorders are not only among the most common illnesses in any community, they can also have a significant impact on functioning and quality of life. People in need of behavioral health services represent every group—they’re our family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors. Suffolk DBT is proud to accept Northwell Direct health insurance.

As a Northwell Direct Behavioral Health Service provider, Suffolk DBT strives to address the diverse mental health needs of the communities we serve by providing exceptional psychological and psychiatric services and behavioral health resources. These include emergency, inpatient and outpatient services for people of all ages suffering from a variety of psychiatric and addictive disorders. We offer timely access to behavioral health treatment and wellness services.

We’re Leaders in DBT Therapy Treatment

Serving the following areas: Port Jefferson, NY, Oakdale NY, Long Island NY, Eastern Suffolk County NY, Western Suffolk NY, South Shore NY, North Shore NY, Sayville NY, Babylon NY, Nassau County, NY

Serving the following towns: Rocky Point, Miller Place, Middle Island, Coram, Shoreham, Wading River, Smithtown, Hauppauge

Northwell Direct Health Network

Suffolk DBT NYC is committed to providing behavioral health services that provide people with the help they need—quickly.

If you are here, you may feel lost or alone. The decision to come to therapy is not an easy one as it involves taking a chance, being vulnerable, and being courageous. Talking about your life with a complete stranger can feel really weird. Know that if you are thinking this way, it is very normal, we totally get it.

We care, we genuinely want to help, and our mission is to create an environment of acceptance for all of our clients.

Suffolk DBT Accepts Northwell Direct Health Insurance

What Makes DBT Therapy Different?

Mindfulness skills, which are drawn from Eastern meditation practices, emphasize the importance of being in the moment, observing, and focusing attention, which in turn can help you to regulate emotions and impulses effectively.  These skills also emphasize increased awareness of yourself and your environment, which helps to improve self-monitoring, maintain a sense of reality, see things more clearly, and make effective decisions.

Distress tolerance skills are tools to cope with crisis situations and high levels of stress and emotion. This module offers many suggestions for different actions you can take and different ways you can think about your situation so that you can deal with it more effectively.

Emotion regulation skills are designed to give you the ability to better identify, validate, and express your emotions. This module provides information about the nature of emotions, their functions, and their consequences. You will also learn how to better understand your emotions, reduce your emotional vulnerability, and decrease your emotional suffering.

Interpersonal effectiveness skills can help you to improve your relationships with others. You will learn techniques for solving interpersonal problems; managing conflict; setting effective boundaries; assertively expressing your needs, opinions, and preferences; keeping good relationships, and maintaining self-respect.

Middle path skills help people learn to avoid black and white thinking, a thinking style associated with being overly emotional and to change that thinking with a more reasonable middle ground, a thinking style associated with calmness, peace, and wise decision-making.

Between-Sessions Phone Coaching Although you will be learning skills in the context of your individual and skills group therapy treatment, communicating with your therapist between sessions can help you learn how to apply skills in real life situations when you are feeling stuck. Phone, text, or email consultation between sessions with the primary therapist is encouraged in DBT to help with this skills generalization. The availability of your primary therapist after office hours can be negotiated as part of your treatment.

Distress tolerance skills

All of our Suffolk DBT mental health clinicians meet together on a weekly basis to discuss our clients in a treatment team meeting format. We are able to receive feedback from each other that allows us to provide you with the best DBT treatment possible. Our goal is to maintain adherence to DBT principles, DBT skills and to offer caring, compassionate, competent and effective therapy to all of our clients.

Most clients who enter our Long Island DBT treatment are asked to make a one-year commitment to attend both individual therapy and skills group training. Adolescent clients are asked to commit for 6 months of DBT treatment. In the one year of treatment for adults or 6 months for adolescents, hard work from both the client and the therapist is likely to result in significant improvement in clients overall functioning. We are here to support you online or at our Long Island or Manhattan cognitive behavioral therapy locations.

We currently offer the following groups:

Northwell Health In-Network Provider

Suffolk DBT provides the best mental health care for Northwell Direct Network employees, fueled by Northwell’s trusted resources. As part of the curated network of nearly 20,000 leading healthcare providers, Suffolk DBT is proud to provide Behavioral Health Therapy and to accept Northwell Direct health insurance.

As a Northwell Direct In-Network Provider, Suffolk DBT accepts Northwell Direct health insurance and serves the following areas: Port Jefferson, NY, Oakdale NY, Long Island NY, Eastern Suffolk County NY, Western Suffolk NY, South Shore NY, North Shore NY, Sayville NY, Babylon NY, Nassau County, NY, Rocky Point, Miller Place, Middle Island, Coram, Shoreham, Wading River, Smithtown, and Hauppauge.

Northwell Direct Network Provider

Northwell Direct DBT In-Network Provider

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