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Laurissa Hartnett

Previous degree: BA In English

Degree in progress: Master of Social Work – First year

School: Stony Brook University

Experience: worked with children with disabilities through the church as well as over summers growing up.

Interests: Listening to True Crime podcasts, practicing Tae Kwon Do and Pilates, reading folklore genre or mystery genre novels, and baking.

Something Personal: I am a returning student having graduated over 15 years ago. The reason I am pursuing a degree in social work is to help advocate for children with special needs in the school systems to ensure the children and their families have the support that is needed to ensure success in academics.

Why DBT: What interested me about DBT is that I am trying to practice more mindfulness in my everyday life and the practice of DBT will help translate to better coping skills, better relationships and managing the daily stressors of life. It’s all about living in the present.