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What Makes DBT Therapy Different

Imagine you’re playing a video game where you have to balance on a tightrope while juggling and fighting off ninjas. Sounds tough, right? Well, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, or DBT for short, is a kind of therapy that teaches you skills kind of like how to balance, juggle, and fight in the game of life, especially […]

What Happens in the ER When Your Child’s Mental Health is in Crisis?

You’re terrified and unsure of what else to do – your child’s mental health has reached a crisis point, and you feel you have no choice but to enlist in the care of emergency psychiatric treatment for your child. As you drive to the emergency room, a whirlwind of questions floods your mind: What will happen […]

How Therapy Can Empower Adoptees in Overcoming the Fear of Abandonment

If you are an adoptee, you may be familiar with the constant feeling of walking on eggshells, fearing the people closest to you will inevitably leave. Being separated from your biological parents at a young age can lead to a lifetime of feelings of loss, rejection, and insecurity. However, there is hope. By reaching out […]

Navigating A Self Harm Relapse with DBT: A Teen’s Guide to Healing and Hope

Facing a setback after a period of progress can be disheartening. You may have felt like you were finally managing your self-harm urges, returning to feeling more like yourself, and then something triggered a self harm relapse. Now, you’re left feeling overwhelmed with emotions—shame, fear, and a sense of hopelessness. Take a deep breath. This is […]

Building Resilient Families: DBT Skills for Kids

Life in New York can sometimes be overwhelming, particularly when we feel stretched thin; which makes effective communication and conflict resolution even more challenging. The exact opposite of the resilience strength you want for your family. Fortunately, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills offer practical strategies for strengthening your family bonds, supporting your child’s emotional well-being, […]

What Makes Life Worth Living: A DBT Perspective

Close up of a black woman with a bouquet of flowers who is embodying the DBT concept of a life worth living.

Life is a precious gift, but it’s not always easy to recognize its value, especially when we’re in a pit of depression. When we’re going through tough times, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. For clients struggling with suicidal thoughts, it may feel like there’s no point […]

Warning Signs of Suicide in Teens and Young Adults

Black teen looks directly at camera. He's standing in front of a wall that reads "Tomorrow will bring good things. Stay alive to see it." Image reinforces the importance of knowing the warning signs of suicide in teens and young adults.

Have you noticed the recent spike in conversations about suicide and teen depression? Young people are facing struggles like never before, and the number of completed suicides by teens are continuing to increase. It’s essential to know the warning signs of suicide and ways to provide support when someone is in crisis. As a parent, a […]

Harnessing the Benefits of Radical Acceptance in DBT Therapy

Image of a man with mask on and a shirt that says "doing my best", and spilled drops of coffee filling the frame. Image is representative of the DBT concept of radical acceptance of things you cannot change. Read this blog to learn about the benefits of radical acceptance.

When it comes to coping with difficult emotions and life challenges, there’s no magic wand that makes problems go away or easier to deal with—that’ll always take work. However, radical acceptance is worth a try if you’re seeking a life-changing skill to cope with life’s ups and downs. Plus, the benefits of radical acceptance are […]

Online DBT Therapy is the Solution You’ve Been Looking for If…

New York business woman dressed professionally while sitting in front of a computer where she's meeting with a online DBT therapist from Suffolk DBT.

If you’re looking for online therapy in New York, Suffolk DBT—a practice that specializes in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)—might be right for you. When working with an experienced clinician, online DBT therapy can be revolutionary, especially for vulnerable groups. In today’s blog, we’ll outline the benefits of online DBT therapy for people with BPD, teens […]

Understanding Self-Harm

Zoomed in image of a man and a woman holding one another's hands in a supportive and comforting gesture. Understanding self-harm with the support of a DBT therapist can help individuals, couples, teens, and their families!

Understanding self-harm behavior can be complex. It can be hard to comprehend why people self-harm, and it can be incredibly upsetting if it’s your loved one. Naturally, we want to understand why. Why do people hurt themselves? While we understandably want these behaviors to stop, they’re not always straightforward. It takes time to learn the […]