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How DBT Uses Behavior Analysis to Address Self-Harm


The problem with self-harm is that it is both scary and satisfying at the same time. It’s frightening because of the injury it causes to your body. However, at the moment when you feel stressed, anxious, or are otherwise flooded with emotion, it’s the only thing that helps. That’s why self-harm can be so difficult to address and resolve

5 Ways to Help a Loved One Who Self-Harms


Knowing that someone you love is self-harming can be very difficult. You don’t want your loved one to be suffering at all. Yet, you know that they have been dealing with some severe issues for a long time. Seeing them not only emotionally distraught but also physically hurting themselves is painful to watch. You want to [...]

Self-Harm and Your Teen: 5 Signs of Self-Harming Behaviors

2020-08-14T16:41:17+00:00Self-Harm, Teen Counseling|

Signs Your Teen May be Self-Harming As a parent, it can be terrifying to imagine the possibility of your teen participating in self-harming behaviors. Self-harm is a complicated and difficult world to understand from the outside, which can make knowing how to help your child a frustrating process. Many destructive, self-harming behaviors can be easily [...]

Self-Harm Behavior in Adolescence

2020-08-14T16:38:28+00:00Self-Harm, Teen Counseling|

How to Help Adolescence who Self-Harm with DBT Susie was 16 years old when she came for treatment at Suffolk DBT on Long Island. Susie is not an actual client but a typical one that we see at our practice. She had been with six other treatment providers in three years due to suicidal ideation [...]

Teens Who Self-Harm

2020-08-14T16:22:03+00:00Self-Harm, Teen Counseling|

Why Are So Many Teens Cutting Themselves? Cutting is a form of self-harm that is increasing in the adolescent population. Both males and females use cutting as a way to reduce unwanted emotions like anxiety, anger, sadness, and tension. Adolescents cut when they want to escape a difficult situation and as a way of expressing [...]

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