How to Help Your Teen Set Measurable Goals

Setting goals isn’t just for adults. Teens also have things that they want to accomplish. Although, they may not frame those thoughts in the same way as an adult might. Still, it creates a perfect time to coach your teen on setting measurable goals. After all, goal-setting is a valuable life skill. Plus, if they learn to [...]

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How to Use the DBT Skill of Mindfulness in Your Everyday Life

Sometimes, the skill of mindfulness seems like something that only a Zen master living on a remote mountain hilltop could ever successfully achieve. This mindset gives off a false image that mindfulness in unachievable—but it is. The dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) skill of mindfulness can be used by anybody, any day, at any time. However, [...]

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DBT and Relationships — Suffolk DBT

Applying Dialectical Behavior Therapy to Your Relationships This blog was written by a person who has gone through the DBT Program and describes in detail the application of the Interpersonal Skills. “Is This Effective?” and Negotiating Interpersonal Relationships Written by  J.H. One of the most helpful things I've learned in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is to ask [...]

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Teens Who Self-Harm

Why Are So Many Teens Cutting Themselves? Cutting is a form of self-harm that is increasing in the adolescent population. Both males and females use cutting as a way to reduce unwanted emotions like anxiety, anger, sadness, and tension. Adolescents cut when they want to escape a difficult situation and as a way of expressing [...]

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