Week 1: A DBT Skills Blog – Challenging my own myths.


A blog my boss said. “I want you to write a blog on DBT skills”. I’ve never written a blog before. Will people like it? What will I even write about? Where will I find the time? There is no way I can do this. I’m already counseling my patients as a second job, have supervision group, team consultation, and am going to be starting a class soon. All that with my personal life responsibilities. It’s impossible…

How to Use the DBT Skill of Mindfulness in Your Everyday Life


Sometimes, the skill of mindfulness seems like something that only a Zen master living on a remote mountain hilltop could ever successfully achieve. This mindset gives off a false image that mindfulness in unachievable—but it is. The dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) skill of mindfulness can be used by anybody, any day, at any time. However, [...]

Is Returning to College Stressing You Out? – How DBT Can Help


It’s that time of year when students across the country are returning to college. Yet for many, what should be a moment of optimism is filled with dread. Plenty of elements can cause stress for students—finalizing the class schedule, moving into housing, getting settled in with a new roommate, etc. For some, it’s overwhelming and can [...]

Feeling Stretched Thin? – How to Prioritize Your Mental Health


Everyone has a stressful day occasionally. But, have you noticed that you're having more stress-filled days than you would like? Are you feeling stretched so thin that you are reaching a breaking point? Unfortunately, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with this problem, which can cause not just emotional trouble but physical problems as well. The [...]

DBT and Relationships — Suffolk DBT

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Applying Dialectical Behavior Therapy to Your Relationships This blog was written by a person who has gone through the DBT Program and describes in detail the application of the Interpersonal Skills. “Is This Effective?” and Negotiating Interpersonal Relationships Written by  J.H. One of the most helpful things I've learned in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is to ask [...]