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Make Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for Teens Successful -10 Tips

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Do Not be Afraid to Seek Therapy or Do Not Feel like You Are Less of a Person for Going to Therapy. 1. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) treatment is made accessible to everyone, especially teens. There are many people with many reasons for going to DBT treatment. It does not make you weaker or less […]

What is DBT and What is DBT Therapy?

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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for teens is how professionals work with teens with suicidal tendencies, eating disorders, or other self-destructive behaviors. DBT is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy which aims to identify the negative thought patterns and reverse them into positive thoughts.

3 Ways Family Involvement in DBT Therapy Makes a Difference

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You know that your child or teen needs help. That’s why they are now seeing a counselor and learning all about dialectical behavioral therapy, or DBT. However, this is only the first step towards their healing. Family involvement is crucial in order for your child to be successful. This means participating, when appropriate, in therapy […]

How to Help a Child Who Refuses to Do School

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Many parents start a school day by hearing their child say, “I don’t want to go to school today!” The child hides under the covers or slams the door to their room closed. Or, they insist that they are too sick to go to school. Sound familiar?
However, you’ve been worried lately that your child doesn’t seem like their typical, happy-go-lucky self. One red flag is the stomachaches that come on suddenly and for no apparent reason. They might beg and plead for you not to make them go to school or a social event. To make matters worse, last night, there was that flash of anger that caught you by surprise.

Take heart, concerned parent; there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to these examples. It may be that your child has anxiety.

DBT Therapy for Teens: How to Improve Life for the Entire Family

Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment

You know that your teen needs help. They’ve been struggling for a while, and it’s been affecting the entire family. Yet, it can be confusing to know which way is the best path. After all, you want the process to work and ensure that your teen is okay. One idea is using DBT therapy for […]