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How DBT Can Help Empower Children on the Autism Spectrum

2022-09-22T20:21:06+00:00CBT, DBT, DBT for Children|

DBT for children on the Autism Spectrum Children on the autism spectrum need tools to learn self-advocacy and empowerment. Autism is a complex range of neurodevelopmental conditions that need proper care. While there are a variety of therapeutic approaches, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is particularly useful for addressing autism. Rather than attempting to fundamentally [...]

Make Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for Teens Successful -10 Tips

2022-09-22T20:18:38+00:00DBT, DBT for Children, DBT Skills, DBT Therapy For Teens, Teen Counseling, Treatment for Young Adults|

Do Not be Afraid to Seek Therapy or Do Not Feel like You Are Less of a Person for Going to Therapy. 1. DBT treatment is made accessible to everyone, especially teens. There are many people with many reasons for going to DBT treatment. It does not make you weaker or less of a person [...]

How to Help a Child Who Refuses to Do School

2022-02-20T03:03:02+00:00DBT for Children|

Many parents start a school day by hearing their child say, “I don’t want to go to school today!” The child hides under the covers or slams the door to their room closed. Or, they insist that they are too sick to go to school. Sound familiar? However, you’ve been worried lately that your child doesn’t seem like their typical, happy-go-lucky self. One red flag is the stomachaches that come on suddenly and for no apparent reason. They might beg and plead for you not to make them go to school or a social event. To make matters worse, last night, there was that flash of anger that caught you by surprise. Take heart, concerned parent; there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to these examples. It may be that your child has anxiety.

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