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Ready to Improve Your Mental Health?-Try These CBT Strategies


Cognitive-behavioral therapy, also known as CBT, is a powerful therapeutic tool for in-office treatment sessions. Together, you and your therapist at Suffolk DBT work on untwisting thought patterns that are unhelpful and disruptive. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to doing CBT just when you visit your therapist. Many of the interventions designed for CBT [...]

3 Ways CBT Can Help You Set and Achieve Goals in the New Year


Setting goals is a pretty standard start to the New Year. After all, it’s a time of looking ahead to new possibilities. Also, this season is about reflecting on your life over a year. It only makes sense that you want to set goals and achieve more in the future. But how do you ensure [...]

How to Use Distress Tolerance Skills to Cope in a Crisis


It’s happening again—you’re in crisis mode. No matter the situation, it seems that anxiety is the common theme in any crisis. And your paramount concern is undoubtedly your spiking anxiety. It's almost as if you can feel yourself just holding on by your fingertips. What are you going to do? How can you calm down? Anxiety treatment [...]

How Mindfulness Skills Can Help Combat Anxiety


What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness simply means that you are being mindful of the here and now. It is truly a state of “living in the moment.” Being mindful means that you are paying attention to the moment (e.g., to the noises, the smells, the sights), your internal self (e.g., your passing thoughts and emotions), and your [...]

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