How to Help Your Teen Set Measurable Goals

Setting goals isn’t just for adults. Teens also have things that they want to accomplish. Although, they may not frame those thoughts in the same way as an adult might. Still, it creates a perfect time to coach your teen on setting measurable goals. After all, goal-setting is a valuable life skill. Plus, if they learn to [...]

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Is Your Teen Depressed?

Dealing with Teen Depression with Dialectical Behavior Therapy Are you worried that your teenager is depressed? It is normal for a teenager to be moody and to want to shift towards independence. Teens also tend to have different sleep habits from children and adults. For most teens, the weekends are often marked with staying up [...]

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How Mindfulness Skills Can Help Combat Anxiety

What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness simply means that you are being mindful of the here and now. It is truly a state of “living in the moment.” Being mindful means that you are paying attention to the moment (e.g., to the noises, the smells, the sights), your internal self (e.g., your passing thoughts and emotions), and your [...]

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Self-Harm Behavior in Adolescence

How to Help Adolescence who Self-Harm with DBT Susie was 16 years old when she came for treatment at Suffolk DBT J.L., LCSW on Long Island. Susie is not an actual client but a typical one that we see at our practice. She had been with six other treatment providers in three years due to [...]

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DBT and Relationships — Suffolk DBT

Applying Dialectical Behavior Therapy to Your Relationships This blog was written by a person who has gone through the DBT Program and describes in detail the application of the Interpersonal Skills. “Is This Effective?” and Negotiating Interpersonal Relationships Written by  J.H. One of the most helpful things I've learned in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is to ask [...]

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How to Get Through a Tough Time When You Can’t Change the Situation

Dealing with Stressful Situations You Can't Control I take my usual morning walk to 7-Eleven and this morning while making my coffee I overheard a conversation between three women. One of the women was talking about having breast cancer. The surgery, the medications, the pain and being unable to work. Listening to her, it is clear that [...]

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Teens Who Self-Harm

Why Are So Many Teens Cutting Themselves? Cutting is a form of self-harm that is increasing in the adolescent population. Both males and females use cutting as a way to reduce unwanted emotions like anxiety, anger, sadness, and tension. Adolescents cut when they want to escape a difficult situation and as a way of expressing [...]

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Trusting Your Gut Instinct?

Go with Your Gut Have you ever had a gut feeling about someone and you ignore it? You dismiss it as you're just being too judgmental, afraid, or paranoid. Over time that feeling resurfaces and once again you minimize it or other people tell you to "chill out." We call that feeling at Suffolk DBT J.L., [...]

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There is a Beginning, Middle, and End to Every Emotion

Understanding Your Emotions with Suffolk DBT J.L., LCSW I share a common understanding with the people I help. I know what it feels like to be born sensitive. Many share with me that it feels like a curse to be emotional and that they feel misunderstood in the world. I say that it can be [...]

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