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How Can DBT Help Highly Sensitive People?

2022-09-22T20:32:20+00:00Anxiety Treatment, CBT, DBT, DBT Therapy For Teens, Depression, Teen Counseling, Treatment for Young Adults|

DBT for Highly Sensitive People If you get upset easily or often over-analyze situations, people might hurl “You’re so sensitive!” at you as an insult. It probably stings when they do. But emotional sensitivity isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Like any aspect of personality, there are pros and cons to being sensitive. You may [...]

How DBT Can Help with Anxiety About the World Reopening and Returning to “Normal”

2022-02-20T02:54:03+00:00Anxiety Treatment|

Be careful what you wish for. We’ve all heard this warning at one time or another. Lately, though, it feels particularly relevant. After more than a year of pandemic upheaval, a return to “normal” is slowly happening. For those of you struggling with anxiety, there are two questions looming large: What does “normal” mean anymore? How do I handle yet another major transition?

7 Anxiety Symptoms Parents Might Miss

2022-02-20T02:42:18+00:00Anxiety Treatment|

If you're like most parents, your day has been busy, as usual. Maybe you come home from work focused on getting dinner ready and ensuring that your child completed their homework. However, you’ve been worried lately that your child doesn’t seem like their typical, happy-go-lucky self. One red flag is the stomachaches that come on suddenly and for no apparent reason. They might beg and plead for you not to make them go to school or a social event. To make matters worse, last night, there was that flash of anger that caught you by surprise. Take heart, concerned parent; there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to these examples. It may be that your child has anxiety.

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