What is DBT

Who Is Dialectical Behavior Therapy For?

You may have been referred to DBT following a hospital stay, from another therapist or from a psychiatrist. Or you may have read something about Dialectical Behavior Therapy on the Internet. You might be asking yourself, “Is DBT the right treatment for me?”

If you answer, “Yes” to any of the following questions, DBT skills might help you change your life.

    • Do people tell you that your relationships are unhealthy?
    • Do you have a hard time keeping friendships or people who you consider to be close to?
    • Do you often argue and have conflicts with the people closest to you?
    • Is it difficult for you to say “No” to other people when you want to or know you should?
    • Do your moods change quickly and do you feel like it takes you a long time to get over things?
    • Are you a very sensitive and emotional person?
    • Do you struggle with anger, sometimes letting too much out and other times bottling it all up?
    • Are your emotions often extremely intense, leading you to act impulsively?
    • Are you afraid of your emotions because you struggle to control them?
    • Do you sometimes feel empty or numb and feel like you do not know who you are?
    • Do you have trouble thinking straight?
    • Do you often make the same bad decisions and have trouble thinking of different ways to fix situations?
  • Even though you know you are capable of achieving them, have you had trouble achieving your goals, because your emotions get in the way?

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Treatment on Long Island

If you can relate to some or most of the above statements, DBT may be the most effective treatment for you. Meeting with a DBT therapist for an intake session is often the best way of determining if you can benefit from DBT. If you are interested in making an appointment, please call us at (631) 828-2264.

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