4 Ways DBT Can Help Students Manage Depression


Student life is stressful. Everyone in school, at some point, gets overwhelmed and starts feeling down. But there’s a clear line between a tough stretch and a diagnosis of depression. We all feel sad at times. Unlike sadness, depression is not always brought on by a singular event or situation. It’s also more intense and chronic than these inevitable blue period

Subtle Signs Your Loved One May Have an Eating Disorder and How DBT Can Help

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We all know that eating disorders are a thing. But most of us act as if it is something that happens to other people and other families. You hear stories, whispers about terrible struggles. You know the numbers are growing. Close to 30 million Americans will have an eating disorder in their lifetime. Even with all this swirling around us, you may never take the time to learn more — until it is right in your face. Then again, eating disorders are not always obvious. The signs can be subtle.

How DBT Can Help with Anxiety About the World Reopening and Returning to “Normal”

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Be careful what you wish for. We’ve all heard this warning at one time or another. Lately, though, it feels particularly relevant. After more than a year of pandemic upheaval, a return to “normal” is slowly happening. For those of you struggling with anxiety, there are two questions looming large: What does “normal” mean anymore? How do I handle yet another major transition?

Insomnia and Borderline Personality Disorder: How DBT for Sleep Can Help


As many as 3 in 10 American adults struggle with chronic insomnia. There are countless reasons for this troubling trend. However, there is one cause that may not jump out as obvious. That cause is Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). BPD is a condition known for its varying behaviors and moods. People with a borderline personality disorder may make impulsive choices.

How DBT Uses Behavior Analysis to Address Self-Harm


The problem with self-harm is that it is both scary and satisfying at the same time. It’s frightening because of the injury it causes to your body. However, at the moment when you feel stressed, anxious, or are otherwise flooded with emotion, it’s the only thing that helps. That’s why self-harm can be so difficult to address and resolve

4 Ways Mindfulness in DBT Therapy Helps You Regulate Emotions


Mindfulness is the term used for a collection of skills and methods that are intended to slow you down and be more present. These include meditation, controlling your breathing, and similar skills that help build awareness and keep you in control.

Online Peer Pressure: How Social Media Can Cause Teen Anxiety and How to DBT Can Help

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There are many articles and stories out there discussing teen anxiety and also the impact of social media. In fact, it is estimated that teenagers spend, on average, about 9 hours a day on social media platforms. They are interacting with each other, sending messages and sharing photos and videos. However, issues such as peer pressure, something that many teens face in real life (also known as “IRL”) have also moved online too.

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