Adult Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program

Suffolk DBT offers comprehensive Adult DBT programs such as individual therapy, phone coaching, group skills training, DBT family/partner group therapy and a consultation team. We also specialize in counseling that treats the family as a unit.

DBT individual therapy helps the person determine how to recognize and refrain from unhealthy coping compulsions, teaches them how to monitor and analyze behavior, reactions and emotions, and how to build and strengthen healthy responses.

DBT phone coaching strives to help clients cope with intense stressors and overwhelming emotions through a brief intervention when it’s needed most.

DBT group skills training involves helping participants learn to be mindful, regulate their emotions, cope with stress more calmly and effectively, improve interpersonal skills and create a more balanced life. It can help on its own or as a supplement to DBT individual therapy.

DBT family/partner group therapy gives partners and/or family members of clients the education, skills and support they need to helped their loved ones cope with their emotional and behavioral regulation conditions such as BPD, Bipolar disorder, eating disorders, substance use disorders, etc.

DBT family/couple therapy focuses on how to tackle, from a DBT perspective, issues raised by the client or their partner/family members so everyone is working in unison for the client’s best good.

DBT consultation team meetings are a weekly forum during which clinicians can discuss client progress and methods to improve treatment.