Acceptance. Change. Hope.


Do you feel your emotions intensely and does it feel like it takes a long time for you to get over things?

Are your relationships suffering?

Do you act impulsively and feel like things are often out of control?

Do you feel like people don’t “get” you or they misunderstand you?

Do you find yourself trying to numb your pain?

Do you struggle with anger, sometimes letting too much out and other times bottling it all up.

Do you have difficulty trusting , even though no one in particular is trying to hurt you?

Do you avoid doing things when it feels too painful?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions , we are here to help .

What is DBT?

DBT helps clients who struggle with regulating their intense emotions. The belief is that individuals engage in dangerous, risky, or unsafe behaviors because they are looking for a quick fix for extreme emotional distress. Honestly, they are at a loss of how else to cope.

DBT has been proven to help clients understand their emotions, urges, thoughts, and behaviors. Ultimately, DBT has been shown to help with identifying the triggers that lead them to engage in harmful behaviors in the first place. Clients learn new coping skills to apply when they are experiencing unbearable pain so they can avoid undesirable consequences. The goal is for them to create the life they deserve by both accepting themselves and by changing themselves.

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Who We Are

We each apply the DBT skills in our own lives 
We are passionate about the hope and possibilities ahead of you
We want to be there to guide you when you cannot see the light

If you are here, you may feel lost or alone. The decision to come to therapy is not an easy one as it involves taking a chance, being vulnerable, and being courageous. Talking about your life with a complete stranger can feel really weird. Know that if you are thinking this way, it is very normal, we totally get it.

We care, we genuinely want to help, and our mission is to create an environment of acceptance for all of our clients.

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